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Why WantHub

In today's internet economy consumers are inundated with choice when it come to purchasing goods and services. With all of the noise comes a lot of unneccessary chatter. A consumer can spend hours, days, even weeks to find the best deal on the items they want.

WantHub allows consumers to dictate the purchase price and terms on goods they intend to buy, saving time searching for those items across multiple web sites and brick and mortar retail establishments. In the case of unique and collectible goods, the consumers are able to articulate exactly what they are looking for and how much they are willing to pay. WantHub contacts the consumer only when that item and those criteria are matched.

With commodity items consumers are able to dictate the terms and let sellers bid amongst each other for the right to sell those items in a reverse auction format. Consumers are able to purchase these items at "market prices," the lowest prices at which retailers are willing to sell.