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The WantHub Dealer Program

Employ technology that can help put your dealership in overdrive.

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The Market is Rough

The market for classic and exotic cars is growing increasingly competitive. Although recent Hagerty Market Rating reports indicate the North American collector car market continues to expand, some experts claim the bubble may soon burst or that it already has. Regardless, WantHub® can help you outperform rival auto dealers in this multi-billion-dollar market.

Turbocharge Your Sales

Free Vetted Sales Leads

WantHub's basic service is complimentary to car dealers. Premium partnerships offer these additional features:

  • Early Notifications
  • Maintain inventory for instant and automatic matches
  • API to automatically interface with your current inventory system

Qualified, Verified Customers

We know your time is valuable. Instead of "potential" sales leads, WantHub drives serious, vetted buyers to your dealership. WantHub connects you with buyers who match your criteria and are committed to purchase.

Wider Market Exposure

Gain broader exposure and see deals coming down the pike that are well out of your typical geographical reach. WantHub buyers come from all over the U.S., delivering your dealership a coast-to-coast market opportunity. WantHub will facilitate door to door concierge transportation and inspection options for the buyer. This allows you to focus on what you do best, sell cars to people!

Harness a Powerful, Intuitive Platform

Broader Market Understanding

Monitor the market outside your geographic base to compare how much various makes, models, and vintages are selling for elsewhere.

  • Uncover potential deals for cars you don't even have in stock by matching up private sellers you know with wants in your WantHub portal.
  • Gauge the demand for desired rare & limited edition vehicles helping you maximize the kicker over MSRP to elevate your profits.

Customized Views and Data

Personalize your portal by subscribing to the brand and model channels that are most relevant to your inventory and area of specialty. Identify and analyze internal trends via our dealer portal's customizable dashboard.

Hassle Free

Enjoy safe, secure transactions and no unnecessary back and forth.

  • The money transfer is guaranteed with a reputable escrow service protecting both the buyer and seller.
  • With our offered door to door concierge transportation service, the delivery is facilitated by WantHub.
  • Inspection services are available to comfort the buyer and guarantee they are getting what they are paying for.

How it Works - Easy as 1-2-3...

  • Dealers subscribe to channels based upon the vehicles in which they specialize.
  • A dealer is notified when a buyer - a.k.a. a "Wanter" - has created a "Want" that matches the criteria for at least one of their channels.
  • The dealer can match the Wanter's offer or pin the wanted car to a watch list to monitor.
  • When a Want is matched, the Wanter accepts and puts money into escrow.
  • WantHub brings the dealer and Wanter together to complete the deal.

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